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Skydive in OceansideSkydiving in Oceanside

Welcome to Tsunami Skydivers – Skydive in Oceanside

We are located in the heart of Oceanside, California. Tsunami Skydivers is the only real, live, brick and mortar skydive center located at Oceanside Municipal Airport. We are Southern California’s most scenic and closest skydiving center to the Pacific Ocean. Tsunami Skydivers offers thrilling jumps from 13,000ft out of our colorful, fast climbing PAC 750XL jump plane that was designed for skydiving. It flies fast and has great windows to enjoy the view on the way up. The views of North San Diego County are breathtaking on the ride to altitude. You can see as far as downtown San Diego to the South and Dana Point and Catalina Island to the North!

Our location is extremely unique. We skydive about a mile and a half from the Oceanside Harbor and Pier. That makes a day of skydiving very enjoyable, as we are a few minutes drive to great restaurants and the beach after your skydive. Come make a day of it!

After one of the first jumps we did at the airport, an experienced jumper stated “It’s like an exotic skydiving location right in our back yard!”

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A few Yelp reviews:

My friends and I went this past weekend to Tsunami skydivers and the experience with them most definitely exceeded my expectations!! We were all a little nervous because we were going for the first time but we began to feel more comfortable as soon as we walked in the door and met the employees. Sean was my instructor and he was very informative and also a fun person to share the experience with. I purchased the video package and he did an amazing job with the Go Pro, i strongly suggest spending the extra money!

The views of the ocean and the surrounding hills were amazing and I don’t think you can find a better place to go than Tsunami Skydivers. I strongly suggest them for both first time divers and if you have some experience under you belt.

Josh A.
Newport Beach, CA

“Woohoo! As good as it gets!” = 5-stars on yelp.

5 stars all the way! My girlfriend took me here for my big 30th birthday, and we had a blast (she got a great deal from Travelzoo!).

The instructors were all very professional + charming in their own right. We were on the fence about getting the video and photos because the pricing seemed steep – but so glad we invested. It’s an amazing memory caught on data that you just can’t re-live (it’s also our 1st time!).

Felt safe the whole time, was super pumped to get going, and I didn’t feel the cold at all due to adrenaline pumping (I was in a tanktop + jeans).

The flight up, the jump, the freefall, the glide, the view, and the unique feeling of all these combined was amazing.

Also, this is the perfect place in SoCal to dive since it’s so close to the coast and you can see the pacific ocean along with everything in between.

Crazy beautiful.

Catbox H.
Los Angeles, CA

I have to say this is one of the most breath taking, and daring experience I have done, and I would love to do it again! We were lucky to have some sun and clear skies during this afternoon jump, after having morning rain! What a view of the coastline, inland and mountains… I did not want this moment in the sky to end.

The Tsunami staff, and instructors were just so friendly and helpful. Rich, Tara, Nick (my instructor) were some of the people that I conversed with and they were simply pleasant people.

I had no fear of jumping, but my concern was how I would feel when at the door of the plane, 13,000 feet high. That moment at the door… I had no butterflies in my stomach, I was just in awe of the fantastic view. I felt safe with my instructor which allowed me to fly and enjoy the view.

So AWESOME! For our sister-in-law’s 50th birthday, we gifted her with this jump with us! She loved it. Give this as a gift to your daring friend or family, they will love it!

Tsunami Skydiving Staff and instructors, YOU ROCK and I envy your job! Thank you for making my first jump so fun! The four of us girls had a fun time jumping with Tsunami!

Happy Jumping!

Caroleann B.
Oceanside, CA

My boyfriend took me to jump in Valentine’s Day! What better way to show me how much he loves me… :) we arrived a little early & we jumped not too long after signing forms. The instructors were very friendly & funny! Great pics & video. We had a blast! And will definitely be doing it again.

Sally C.
Riverside, CA

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skydive in oceanside

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